Expanding Client Retention & Engagement for Professional Services Companies

Later Life Lending Solutions Ltd provides expertise to resolve financial issues for clients over 55 by helping them release capital from their property. Providing this expertise outside of your own field in professional services can create more business for you, as well as offering your clients a more rounded experience.

Later life lending is a complex topic and the range of solutions is vast. As the only later life lending firm in the UK that is endorsed by the Law Society, Later Life Lending Solutions Ltd is an ideal partner for professional services firms that want to further support their clients by extending the range of advice on offer.

We partner with:
● Solicitors advising on property portfolios, inheritance planning, trusts and divorce
● Accountants working with private clients and company directors on tax efficiency
● Wealth Planners helping clients rebalance their portfolio or free up cash
● Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) working on retirement planning or debt reduction
● Mortgage Brokers seeking addition expertise in this complex market
● Estate Agents helping with home purchase for the over 55s

What we can offer

Our SIFA Professional accreditation demonstrates that we operate
to a strict sense of professional standards and compliance. We are free from third-party influence and provide conflict-free advice so that you can be confident that your professional reputation is in safe hands.

Working with us means you can offer your clients a wider range of solutions to their financial requirements with the confidence that it will fit in with other advice you are providing. Our products also enable your teams to cross-link across departments potentially increasing opportunities within your own business.

Join the growing company of Later Life Lending Solutions Ltd partners

If you want to expand your professional horizons, increase your client retention and enhance your portfolio of services, we would like to hear from you.
When you are ready to become a Later Life Lending Solutions Ltd partner the process is simple. Start by getting in touch today to arrange a conversation about how this will work for your clients and for you and we will explore this together.